The template {{Abbr}} is used to write an abbreviation with its meaning. It is a wrapper for the HTML element ‎<abbr>...‎</abbr>, the element used by most web browsers to create a tooltip indicating the meaning of an abbreviation or acronym.

Please note: Do not use {{abbr}} or ‎<abbr> to mark up material other than abbreviations or acronyms. Using it to generate tooltips elsewhere is a misuse of the underlying HTML and causes accessibility problems

Usage Edit

Note Parameter order reversed! Be aware that, for historical reasons, the order of these parameters is reversed from implementations of {{Abbr}} at most other wikis, including Wikipedia.

The template takes two unnamed parameters.

meaning – the expansion or definition of the abbreviated term; shows as the popup when you hover over the abbreviation. No wikimarkup can be used in this parameter.
abbreviation – the abbreviation, acronym, or initialism to be explained; shows as text, and may use wikimarkup, such as a link to an article about what it refers to.

Example Edit

Markup Renders as
{{abbr|Wikimedia Foundation|WMF}}

Linking must be done a particular way Edit

To wiki-link the abbreviation being marked up by this template, wrap the template in the link, not vice-versa, or the meaning will not appear in some browsers, including Chrome.

Compatibility Markup Renders as
Compatible [[meta:Wikimedia Foundation|{{abbr|Wikimedia Foundation|WMF}}]] WMF
Less compatible {{abbr|Wikimedia Foundation|[[meta:Wikimedia Foundation|WMF]]}} WMF

Template data Edit

This is the TemplateData documentation for this template used by VisualEditor and other tools.


define an abbreviation or acronym, by creating a tooltip that is displayed on mouse-over

Template parameters


Shows as tooltip

Wikimedia Foundation

Shows as regular text on the page


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