Technical decision making/FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Wikimedia technical decision making process

About edit

What does the Technical Decision Forum do? edit

The Technical Decision Forum collaborates with and assists teams in determining stakeholders for decisions that affect more than one Wikimedia team and getting feedback to inform the possible solutions to solve the problem presented. There are three key parts of the technical decision making process that achieve this:

  • Problem statement: Helps teams define and scope the problem
  • Technical Decision Forum feedback: Representatives from every Wikimedia Foundation team are asked to comment and provide feedback on each problem statement. The expectation is that the representative will share the information with their team and provide the collective feedback from their team.
  • RACI matrix: The feedback from the Technical Decision Forum directly informs the RACI for the problem presented and the possible solutions to be considered.

Who makes the decisions on the proposals? edit

The team who owns the problem presented in the problem statement. The Technical Decision Forum does not make any decisions on the solutions to the problem.

How do teams get assigned to work on the proposals? edit

Teams should bring the output of the Technical Decision Forum feedback, decision record, and RACI, to the Platform Product Steering Committee to be sourced and prioritized.

Feedback edit

How can I provide feedback as an individual about a decision that has already been made? edit

Attend the Technical Decision Forum office hours or contact the Technical Decision Forum directly at We will help direct you to the best route for feedback on a decision made.

How do I provide feedback on the proposals brought to the Technical Decision Forum? edit

You can provide feedback through the Technical Decision Forum representative for your team or contact the Technical Decision Forum directly at

How can I provide feedback on the overall process? edit

The Technical Decision Forum will send out quarterly surveys to receive feedback on the process. You may also contact them anytime at