Technical Document Re-working Group/Wikimania 2018

This page lists information about the Technical Document Re-Working Group and Mission, as well as tasks to explore at the Hackathon at Wikimania 2018.

Create a Wikimedia developer account and login with it to edit content on wikitech.

The developer advocacy approach to technical documentationEdit

Resources for evaluating technical documentationEdit

Resources for improving technical documentationEdit

Resources for building and supporting technical documentarian communityEdit

Task Page Further notes or owner Experience level
Help build a page on wiki that serves as a resource list for new technical writers and editors. We’ll teach you how to edit! Not yet created! T197006 Newcomer
Make this a better landing page that helps guide folks to walkthroughs and tutorials and provides a list of resources for folks who want to learn more. wikitech:Help:Toolforge/How_to All Levels
Help improve this style guide! We need examples and tips! Documentation/Style_guide T1970006 All Levels
Create a check-list for technical documentation pages (aka a list of basic criteria to check tech docs against before posting/publishing). Not yet created! Not yet created! All Levels
Link examples of technical documents published on Wikimedia projects that exemplify the best practices shared in the style guide. Documentation/Style guide#Deciding on a document type T1970006 All Levels
Determine if the scope of this page is too much. Does all the content belong or should it be moved to subpages? Improve organization/navigation wikitech:Help:Toolforge Intermediate
Reformat as a walkthrough. EX. wikitech:Help:Toolforge/My_first_Flask_OAuth_tool wikitech:Help:Toolforge/My_first_Pywikibot_tool T134495 Intermediate
Reformat as a walkthrough. EX. wikitech:Help:Toolforge/My_first_Flask_OAuth_tool wikitech:Help:Toolforge/My_first_Django_OAuth_tool Intermediate
Update SSH documentation with this information. T196815 Intermediate
Create a maturity model / rubric / set of criteria to evaluate the quality and usefulness of our current and future technical documentation. Ex. Not yet created! Not yet created! Intermediate
Help build a gadget to gather user feedback about technical documentation. T195119 Advanced
Various Cloud VPS and Toolforge documentation issues phab:T101659 lists a larger set of tasks, but many will likely require experience with the tools T101659 Advanced
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