Team Practices Group/Test Coverage Initiative 2015

The Team Practices Group (TPG) was dissolved in 2017.

June 2015

The Q2 Team Health Check surfaced code quality as one of the major pain points across several teams.

Se Epic in Phab T100294.

Some preliminary work started in Q3, continues in Q4 and effort will accelerate in Q1 FY 2015/16


  • Dan Duvall is point person on RelEng to engage with a “task forces” of developers interested in code quality and testing to evangelize best practices
  • Grace is Team Practices Group support to facilitative progress forward: project mgt support, reporting performance, helping to identify success criteria

Next steps as of June 2015:

  • Dan identified fixing browser tests that are currently broken as first step:
    • analyze the current tests to see what use cases they are fulfilling, identify current problems and fix the tests.
    • how: pairing or small team
      • Dan Duvall working with Jon Robson already
    • work on how to scale model and replicate across teams (broken stuff getting fixed)
    • Review the browser test tooling to see if it is addressing the use cases identified.
      • revisit longer-term decision-making about how to move forward.
    • Allow a few cycles via RelEng knowledge sharing initiative (what the team calls, “the synergistic work engine”) on RelEng before fully engaging the “task force” of code quality enthusiasts