Team Practices Group/Tea Time Agenda

The Team Practices Group holds a weekly team-only "Tea Time" to discuss Team Practices related topics. Team members, please add potential topics below:

  • Should we make the separate backlog grooming a recurring meeting?
  • Should we officially favor Scrum over Kanban?
  • Quick update on status of burnup charts in phab
  • What is self-organization and what is our role in it?
  • What are good success metrics for a scrum master or agile coach?
  • How do you respond to observing scrum/agile/team practices anti-patterns?
  • Do you want to publish a TPG paper in a peer-reviewed journal?
  • How are you using facilitation in your daily work?
  • What have you learned so far from being a TPG member?
  • Consensus: what does it mean & when is it appropriate?
  • ...Your topic goes here...

Other WMF teams holding meetings in spirit of Tea Time:

  • Reading product group
  • Research (Research & Data and Design Research)
  • The Wikimedia Discovery department has twice-weekly everyone-optional "unmeetings", which provide unstructured time for socializing and bonding
  • The FR Tech team(?) uses the 10-20 minutes after some standups for social interaction [this is unconfirmed]