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Welcome! You can use this page to learn if and how the suite of Talk Pages Project Features are available at each of the Wikimedia Wikis.


  •   Default-on - The feature is available for all users (logged in and out) at this project, by default.
  •   Beta Feature - The feature is available to all logged in users at this project who manually enable the Discussion tools beta feature in Preferences.

Deployment StatusEdit

Wiki Reply Tool New Topic Tool Topic Subscriptions New Signature Requirements Usability Improvements Mobile Improvements
Wikipedia   Default-on (desktop) at all wikis except and   Default-on (desktop) at all wikis except, and   Beta Feature   Default-on (New Topic and Reply Tools) at the Arabic, Bangla, Hebrew, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, and Chinese Wikipedias.
Wiktionary   Default-on (desktop)   Default-on (desktop)   Beta Feature
Wikinews   Default-on (desktop)   Default-on (desktop)   Beta Feature
Wikibooks   Default-on (desktop)   Default-on (desktop)   Beta Feature
Wikiquote   Default-on (desktop)   Default-on (desktop)   Beta Feature
Wikisource   Default-on (desktop)   Default-on (desktop)   Beta Feature
Wikispecies   Default-on (desktop)   Default-on (desktop)   Beta Feature
Wikiversity   Default-on (desktop)   Default-on (desktop)   Beta Feature
Wikivoyage   Default-on (desktop)   Default-on (desktop)   Beta Feature
Commons   Default-on (desktop)   Default-on (desktop)   Beta Feature
Wikidata   Default-on (desktop)   Default-on (desktop)   Beta Feature
Meta-Wiki   Default-on (desktop)   Default-on (desktop)   Beta Feature
MediaWiki   Default-on (desktop)   Default-on (desktop)   Beta Feature