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Recent changes patrolling

Matanya (talkcontribs)

Bringing something like RTRC to mobile apps would be an amazing improvement to me.

Next on the list would be blocking and reverting.

The rest is lesser of a priority.

I know this is far fetched, but global tooling for stewards like global blocking/locking would be extremely helpful.

Glen (talkcontribs)

Admin on en here. I do almost all my RC patrolling on mobile and thd android app isn't useful, mobile site not much better. As a result I use the desktop version on mobile which as you can imagine is pretty clunky. Any improvements to RC patrolling on the app would be greatly appreciated. May even reinstall it :) ~~~~

1997kB (talkcontribs)

Would love to see those tool on the mobile app as most of patrolling and even discussion I do on mobile. Right now the mobile site isn't great for patrolling, but AMC is a good initiative in that direction. I am also using combination of SWViewer and timeless skin (sometimes AMC on mobile site) to patrol recent changes, which works great for now.

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Dumbassman (talkcontribs)
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