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How do I add multi-language for one wiki site?

Dajiefu (talkcontribs)

Dear all,

Plz help me ...

right now , I have created EN WIKI for my products. But I'm wondering to know how can I add Chinese options in the same WIKI site?

I don't like two sites for different languages.

Could anybody tell me how to do it ?

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How can I edit / remove the Powered by MediaWiki image in the footer?

Summary by Nemo bis
Llywelyn2000 (talkcontribs)

This section is unclear and has a dead link. I would like to translate the two lower right English language buttons to Welsh; I've also had a request to do it for the Irish / Gaelic Wikipedia. Can someone please write the instructions in simple fool-proof English? Here are the Welsh translations:

  • Un o Brosiectau Wicimedia - A Wikimedia Project
  • Pwerwyd gan Wicimedia - Powered by Wikimedia


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language dependent site-logo url

TRomanski (talkcontribs)


I try to change the site-logo url of my mediawiki dependent on the selected interface language. Can somebody help me with this challenge? I´m not good at php.


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Interwiki / Wiki family: full text search

2 (talkcontribs)

I want to install a wiki in some languages.
How to configure the main page?
And there is the possibility to search in all wikis across?
For example, if I type "internet" in the full text search, i will get results in German and English...
Thank you and regards

Seb35 (talkcontribs)

Do you intend to create *one* multilingual wiki and *many* unilingual wikis? The former is like (see the search page there for instance) and the latter is like the family of Wikipedias. In the first case, there is only one main page defined in the system message MediaWiki:Mainpage; in the second in the corresponding system message of each wiki. For the search, it is ready out-of-the-box in the first case, but not easily possible in the second case, you would need to deeply modify the code and set up a proper search engine to search accross all your wikis.

If you absolutely want "multilingual search", the first solution is recommanded and you can see multilingual extensions (Polyglot, Multilang, LanguageSelector). The second solution aims to have independant wikis, linked together but with a single language by wiki (and is adapted mainly for big wikis, since there are communities by language).

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