TPG Coaching Clinic@Dev Summit 2017

Basic Idea:

TPG sets up a designated space at the dev summit (specific clinic days TBD: see Dev Summit program here).

There is a sign up board, where summit attendees can sign up for short coaching sessions (these were 15 minutes at the last Scrum Gathering I attended)

Attendees sign up by putting their name and topic on a post it, and sticking it in a time slot of their choosing.

More useful logistics details and ideas can be found here:


  • Increase accessibility and understanding of "who are we and what do we do"
  • Interesting experiment - is this something that we might consider doing more regularly (eg "TPG office hours")? Presence at other events eg hackathons?
  • Interaction with developers and making connections
  • Learn about what topics this audience is interested wrt team practices and collaboration
  • Practice our coaching skills
  • A nice way to be of service for this event
  • Lays the groundwork for possible future community explorations/collaborations