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Style pages based on categories
Language(s): JavaScript
Compatible with: MediaWiki 1.17+ 



Adds a CSS class to the <body> tag for every category the current page belongs to. This can be useful to apply specific styles to all pages on the wiki that are included on a given category. Each class will have a "cat-" prefix followed by the category name, with spaces and dots converted to underscores and special characters encoded.

You can later write styles like to apply styles to pages belonging to that category.


 * Adds CSS classes to the body tag based on the categories this page belongs to
 * @source
 * @revision 2016-01-18
(function($, mw) {
  var fn = function() {
    var cats = mw.config.get('wgCategories'), newClasses;
    if (cats) {
      newClasses = $.map(cats, function(el) {
        return 'cat-' + encodeURIComponent(el.replace(/[ .]/g, '_')).replace(/%/g, '_');
      }).join(' ');
  if (document.body) {
  } else {
})(jQuery, mw);

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