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Minerva Neue (Minerva)
Status wydania: stabilne
MediaWiki Minerva skin screenshot.png
MediaWiki 1.30+
Licencja GNU General Public License 2.0 or later
Przetłumacz skórkę $2 Template:$3
Sprawdź wykorzystywanie i matrycę wersji.
Problemy : Otwarte zadania · Zgłoś błąd
Minerva is a responsive screen and will adapt to mobile devices.

Minerva is the skin that serves mobile traffic for Wikimedia projects across the world. Compared to other skins e.g. Vector it provides a much more simplistic user interface and is much more aggressive about optimising for performance so that it can cater for mobile users.

It is optimised for use with Rozszerzenie:MobileFrontend as the wgMFDefaultSkinClass but at the time of writing this is a soft dependency and it will function without the extension installed.


  • Pobierz i umieść plik(i) w katalogu o nazwie MinervaNeue w folderze skins/.
  • Dodaj poniższy kod na dole swojego pliku LocalSettings.php:
wfLoadSkin( 'MinervaNeue' );
$wgDefaultSkin = 'minerva';
  •   Zrobione - Przejdź do Special:Version na swojej wiki, aby sprawdzić czy skórka została pomyślnie zainstalowana.

Do użytkowników mających wersję MediaWiki 1.24 lub wcześniejszą:

Powyższe instrukcje opisują nowy sposób instalowania skórek poprzez wfLoadSkin(), począwszy od MediaWiki 1.25. Jeżeli chcesz zainstalować tę skórkę we wcześniejszych wersjach, zamiast wfLoadSkin( 'MinervaNeue' ); użyj:

require_once "$IP/skins/MinervaNeue/MinervaNeue.php";

(Aby uruchomić skórkę na wcześniejszej wersji, możliwe że będziesz musiał pobrać jej wersję oznaczoną dla danego wydania z Special:SkinDistributor.)

  • Note: Setting $wgDefaultSkin = 'minerva' will make Minerva your default skin even in Desktop view. Ignore this line and instead use $wgMFDefaultSkinClass = "SkinMinerva"; if you want only MobileFrontend to use the Minerva skin.

Make sure to call wfLoadSkin after wfLoadExtension.

MobileFrontend integration

With MobileFrontend integrated the Minerva experience will be enhanced to include various other features including:

  • Red link edit confirmation
  • Reference popup drawer
  • An enhanced search
  • Better integration on mobile with many popular Wikipedia-style templates.

To benefit from these:


Configuration of menus

Certain URLs in the main menu can be tweaked. These include:

Certain menu items will be enabled automatically when the relevant extension is added.

Desktop vs mobile modes

MobileFrontend provides additional capabilities that are not available in MediaWiki core. You can compare desktop vs mobile mode.

When operating in mobile mode the following features are available:

  • Sections can be collapsed and expanded
  • The menu contains different options e.g Special:Preferences is available on desktop
  • MediaWiki:Mobile.css (for mobile mode) or MediaWiki:Common.css (for desktop mode) will be loaded.
  • Various pages are optimised for mobile e.g. Special:Watchlist (compare desktop vs mobile)

The desktop mode of the site is experimental. If you see a bug, patches are appreciated.

When operating in desktop mode there are various issues that we are working towards fixing. Your patches and help are welcomed.

Questions and answers

If you have a question not answered by the page - please feel free to use the talk page to raise them.

What do I get when I install MobileFrontend?

Minerva works without MobileFrontend but installing MobileFrontend will provide several enhancements - notably reference and red link pop up drawers, a mobile optimised search and a mobile optimised custom editor. These optimizations will apply to the desktop and mobile version. Currently it is not possible to disable the mobile view link but patches to that effect will gladly be accepted!