SecurePoll 2014 Redesign/Brainstorming

This page contains a list of improvements that can be made to SecurePoll. No matter how crazy or impossible you think your idea is, there's room for it here!


  • Rewrite SecurePoll from scratch. Not feasible due to the time investment required to do this.
  • Tighten up eligibility requirements for voters.
    • From w:WP:ACE2013/F:
      We have this recurrent issue where we set voting requirements that cannot be incorporated into the SecurePoll process; specifically, [number of] edits in a specific namespace is not something SecurePoll can use to develop a voter list. [Risker]
  • Create a configuration user interface. Some sort of configuration interface is needed that is not developer-centric. bugzilla:26960
  • Make it possible to remove candidates altogether once the election has started. Otherwise it is confusing for voters.
    • From w:WT:ACE2013:
      The reason we have a withdrawn candidate [on the ballot page] is because before the names are inputted, an XML file gets imported into SecurePoll that basically sets up placeholders. 23 placeholders were set up, but with Secret's withdrawl, that leaves 22 candidates. We cannot remove that 23rd placeholder, and so all we can do is mark it as withdrawn. [TParis]
  • Fix the "Domain" column of Special:SecurePoll/list to make more sense: w:Wikipedia_talk:Arbitration_Committee_Elections_December_2013#Logging_in_from_different_domains.3F
  • Wrong titles for radio buttons: w:Wikipedia_talk:Arbitration_Committee_Elections_December_2013#Check_out_the_titles_for_the_radio_buttons_-_look_.22wrong.22_to_me
  • Clean up the code: bugzilla:48976 bugzilla:53122 bugzilla:61626
  • Fix all the other bugs: [1]
  • Something happened in the enwiki ArbCom election about an encryption key not being properly supplied or something. (Jalexander will know about this.) Make it so this doesn't happen again?
  • Please publish a manual for the extension. At the moment, it is not really possible to find out, how votes can be administrated with this extension.