Team Practices Group/Scrum Sprint Planning Meeting

Story PrioritizationEdit

Purpose: Prepare an initial set of stories for the upcoming sprint. Identify questions that need to be answered or additional information needed (mockups, requirements, etc.) before the team can estimate. Set the sprint theme (big picture goal), if relevant.

Before Prioritization MeetingEdit

  • The Scrum Master should support the Product Owner however needed (e.g. check in on how progress towards sprint scope is going, ask if they need help; encourage them to think about an overall theme, if relevant)
  • Check in on "Needs Triage" column (or equivalent) and arrange triaging session with PO if needed

During Prioritization MeetingEdit

  • Have PO tell the team the overarching theme(s) of the coming sprint
  • Review the queue of story candidates for next sprint from top to bottom
    • These may be in a "Next Sprint" or "Ready for Development" column of the main Backlog board
  • Product Owner explains what each relevant story is about and the goal of each story
  • Attendees (team) discuss the story
  • Scrum Master asks:
    • Is the story clear enough?
    • Does it have acceptance criteria?
    • How do we know when it is done?
    • Do we need anything from design?
    • Is it ready to estimate by the team? (This is a separate estimation meeting)
  • If follow-up on any of the above is needed, the Scrum Master helps identify a clear owner, and timeline for completion
  • Rinse and repeat until a reasonable stopping place is reached

After Prioritization MeetingEdit

  • Check in on story candidates before next planning meeting (estimation) to see if things are on their way to being ready (e.g. followup with owners of tasks that needed clarification). If not, leave a comment on the workboard (WMF uses Phabricator) or check in with responsible party.