ResourceLoader/Migration guide (users)/Tutorial

Welcome to the tutorial on Adapting Gadgets for ResourceLoader, originally given at the Berlin Hackathon 2012. The live tutorial will give you:

  • a 15 minute peek at the future: the RL2 prototype (features discussed in the slide deck),
  • a live demonstration of adapting a gadget for RL
  • a 30 minute hands-on workshop,
  • a Question and Answer session.
ResourceLoader makes your gadget faster and easier to manage right away!

Want to see a specific gadget adapted, during the Demo/workshop? You can submit your suggestions via the "Assistance Requested" list, below.

To learn about Gadgets and ResourceLoader in general:

Why adapt a Gadget for use with ResourceLoader? edit

ResourceLoader can help gadget developers today!


  • As of Gadgets 2.0 (which is currently still in development) gadgets are required to use ResourceLoader. The raw loading mechanism will no longer be supported.

Rough points:

  • See ResourceLoader for points on what ResourceLoader is and why it is going to make your gadgets more awesome. That article has recently been updated wich lots of useful information
  • The current version of the Gadgets extension already supports using ResourceLoader (instead of the legacy loader). So this can be done *today* and will make your gadget faster and easier to manage right away.
  • Gadgets 2.0 (coming soon) will bring even more of ResourceLoader's features to Gadgets (see RL2)

Hands-on migration workshop (30 min. demo) edit

Below is a list Gadgets that we can discuss and walk through during the tutorial. We're looking for the following:

  • Gadgets that switched to using ResourceLoader and just worked.
  • Gadgets that didn't migrate transparently, but were successfully migrated after taking care of the issues.
    All recommended best practices, tips and tricks, bugs and their solutions are collected on ResourceLoader/Migration guide (users).
  • Gadgets you couldn't get to work with ResourceLoader and need help with.

Gadgets to use in the tutorial edit

See also Berlin Hackathon 2012
Transparent switch
  1. Tineye
  2. purgetab
  3. ..
Smooth migration
  1. wm-portal-preview
  2. ..
Assistance requested
  1. Navigation popups?

Gadgets 2.0: What to expect for 2012 and beyond edit

This will be a 15 min demo of the RL2 prototype cluster featuring Gadgets 2.0. And discussion of the implementation timeline. Collect feedback about how the community is responding/beginning to support the migration... or if/how they would like to the plan changed.

Screenshots and demo edit

How we plan for this to work.

  • workflow
  • use cases
  • how it will affect people

Feedback and discussion edit

  • Collect participants' ideas about the documentation overhaul
  • Reminder to document your Gadgets