Requests for comment/Tarball maintenance

This page is a requests for comment regarding MediaWiki tarballs.

Request for comment (RFC)
Tarball maintenance
Component General
Creation date
Author(s) Mark Hershberger
Document status declined
Superseded by Release Management RFP, and related developments. The 2.0 versioning didn't happen and so that part of the proposal can be considered abandoned. -- Tim Starling (talk) 03:58, 18 September 2013 (UTC)[reply]

Background edit

The Wikimedia Foundation has historically maintained the MediaWiki tarballs. However, since the Wikimedia Foundation is not a user of the tarball, maintenance of the tarball should be moved outside of the Wikimedia Foundation and into the hands of a group of people who have an ongoing interest in its use. This was a discussed in June 2012, but now it is time to make it happen.

Considerations edit

Maintenance edit

Mark Hershberger has volunteered to handle the grunt work of initial release cycle. Of course, if you are interested in helping out, let him know.

Versioning edit

To mark this transition, Mark is suggesting that the version known as 1.20 be released as tarball version 2.0. While major version bumps like this are sometimes seen as a major feature release, he points to Linux 3.0[1] as a precedent.

Release frequency edit

Building on the Foundation's frequent (bi-weekly) release cycle, branching from a WMF-tagged release for core MediaWiki seems reasonable. But how often should we release? Every six months? Every three months? Major version bumps every month (similar to Mozilla Firefox versioning)? Point releases every month and major versions every three months or so?

Long-term support edit

Mark has been working with several other developers (both MediaWiki contributors and MediaWiki packagers) to provide Ubuntu-like “Long term support” for version 1.19 of MediaWiki.

Testing edit

What sort of special testing considerations are there to ensure a good quality tarballs? Could we use the nightly tarball build to run some integration tests that ensure the bundled extensions work properly?

Other edit

Add other concerns here or post them to wikitech-l.

References edit