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Every now and then as a developer working with our sites and in particular trying to optimize it for mobile, we'll need to make changes to the underlying templates. Templates are maintained by community members and not part of the MediaWiki software so they cannot be fixed in the same way as problems with say the Minerva skin.

Most staff accounts have admin rights (or can be granted admin rights), but ideally changes should happen by the community members.

General guidelines Edit

  • If a Phabricator task exists, tag it #Reading-Web-Local-Wiki-Issues. Certain community members watch this project and may come to assistance.
  • Identify the template that has the problem and leave a note on the template talk page - this is usually a good first step. Using page history also use the ping template to ping people who have recently edited the page. Let them know the problem and the proposed fix (if known).
    • Consult a designer on how the template should look and include a screenshot if possible.
    • If how to implement the solution is not known, ask editors to let you know if they need any help with fixing the template (in most cases hopefully they should be able to do this without any support from WMF).
  • If you are confident you know the correct fix and nobody is being responsive on the talk page, make the edit yourself making sure the edit summary (or inline comments in the template itself) document what the change is for.

Project specific help Edit

A list of project ambassadors is available on

You can ping users on their home wiki on the relevant talk page with any problems you need assistance with:


Russian Wikipedia Edit

You can make technical requests at ru:Википедия:Технические_запросы. Per phab:T206007 feel free to write in English if you do not know Russian.