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General informationEdit

Team uses two IRC channels:

  • #wikimedia-reading-web - an private/invitation only channel for all Reading web team members. Channel allows only identified users.
  • #wikimedia-reading-web-bots - a public channel for notifications

Every user who connects to #wikimedia-reading-web gets OP permissions and has access to invite other members to a private channel.

Current invitation listEdit

  • bmansurov
  • ollie_v
  • joakino
  • jdlrobson
  • phuedx
  • maxbinder
  • raynor
  • niedzielski
  • nzr


I cannot access #wikimedia-reading-web channel.Edit

Please verify that you're logged to IRC using your nick (see nicks above). If your nick is not on the list please contact any team member over IRC.

I get an error "Cannot join channel - you need to be identified with servicesEdit

Please identify yourself with NickServ by executing following command:

/msg NickServ identify YOUR_PASSWORD

It's a common case for IRCCloud to forget your identification. In that scenario, you just have to identify yourself once again. For more information please go to Nickname registration

Obtain OP statusEdit

Execute following command: /msg ChanServ OP #wikimedia-reading-web YOUR_NICK

Someone wants to join the channel but I don't know how to inviteEdit

First, please get the OP status from ChanServ and then execute the following command:

/msg ChangServ ACCESS #wikimedia-reading-web ADD NICK_NAME SOP


For other inquires please reach User:PMiazga_(WMF) on IRC (nick: raynor).