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The Reading Web team have a shared instance documented at wikitech:Nova_Resource:Reading-web-staging.

Typically the Reading Web team will either want to setup MediaWiki instances or Node.js apps. There are specific pages helping with each of these.

We host all our instances on the project reading-web-staging, membership for which can be managed here:

This is a shared environment with limited resources so remember the following when setting up a new instance:

  • Make sure that at all times we have at least 1 medium machine free. This allows us to deal with unplanned requests.
  • If possible host your new service on an existing instance. Especially if the project is a side project/demo.
  • Remember to remove your service if it is no longer needed - for instance if it's sole purpose was to test a project that is now testable elsewhere e.g. Beta Cluster or production.
  • Create small instances if in doubt. The need for a medium or large instance should be rare and only really needed for wikis where high volumes of traffic our planned.
  • Any tools should eventually be migrated to Toolforge

Guides to setting up new instancesEdit