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The web team cares about the performance of our site. This page collates the tools and information on how we go about ensuring our sites load fast for our users.

Measuring changes in key metricsEdit

This script allows you to measure the impact of a value before and after a change.

Using the dashboard first find the metric you are interested in measuring and look for the spike where the change you made started making a noticeable impact.

For example if you are interested in the impact on the firstView of the Barack Obama page in 2G connection for an event that occurred on the 9th February 2016 at 10pm and you are interested in learning how the data varies 10 days before and after run the following command:

node wptreporter.js "" 9 2 2016 22 0 "" 10

For global traffic you may want to be more specific about which property you are measuring. For example to measure the median totalPageLoadTime for mobile beta for an anonymous user run:

node wptreporter.js "" 9 2 2016 22 0 "median" 10