Notice: The roadmap below is provisional and subject to change based on feedback from our readers, our editor community, technical factors, and external events.

Platform focus and strategic pillarsEdit

Reading's platform focus is presently as follows:

  • Web: Global South
  • Android: A Community of Readers
  • iOS: Improve the Encyclopedia Experience

While broader WMF strategy is developed, here's a mapping of the Reach (discussion) strategic options to Reading strategic pillars:

WMF Reach Strategy Reading Strategic Pillar
Approach One: Increase frequency of use and number of users by adapting user experience to their needs (this may result in additional content formats, making more of Wikimedia content easier to find, increasing language coverage, etc.). Improve the Encyclopedia Experience
Approach Two: Improve our understanding of how and why our users come to and stay on our projects so we can better serve their needs. User Understanding
Approach Three: Understand how Wikimedia content is reused on external platforms and explore how to encourage users of such content to go to Wikimedia projects. Infrastructure
Approach Four: Increase awareness and use of Wikimedia projects in two Global South countries. Global South
Approach Five: Enable others to reuse our content and build their own products by improving and documenting our APIs (application programming interfaces). Services
Approach Six: Improve Wikipedia mobile apps to increase use. Improve the Encyclopedia Experience & Community of Readers


Strategic Pillar Team Q2 FY15-16 Q3 FY 15-16 Q4 FY 15-16 Q1
Improve the Encyclopedia Experience Android Wiktionary, link Preview, Nearby, more material design feed, ux overhaul, Feed
iOS Feed, UX overhaul Feed, UX overhaul Notifications; Placeholder: Migrate successful Android features
Web read more Read More to stable; Hovercards wrap up (review Link Preview again, too) Lead section of article on mobile
Develop a community of Readers Android Synchronized saved pages list TBD (watchlist notifications, interactions?)
Web TBD (watchlists/Gather?)
Global South Android Wikipedia Zero compliance
iOS Wikipedia Zero compliance
Web Speed Reading and Discovery Speed on mobile beta + Wikipedia Zero compliance, language switching mobile web
  • Speed on mobile stable
  • Global South feature (pending research)
Infrastructure Initiatives Android Services work (content) Productionize service layer Service Notifications infrastructure
iOS Core Data Adoption of content service
Web Quick Survey, Microservices Mobile/desktop convergence? Reader/editor modes?
Product Quick Survey, tests, research global south Tests Tests

Departmental goals, Q2 FY2015-2016Edit

Team About Objective Action Result Phab
Infrastructure Action API usage statistics Feed data on daily Action API usage into some analytics backend (likely hadoop) WMF wikis using new modular authn solution and additional customizations unblocked Ready for Q3
Infrastructure AuthManager Provide the core capability of configuring a single MediaWiki deployment with multiple authentication providers and components without custom coding (vs current monolithic AuthPlugin architecture) WMF wikis using new modular authn solution and additional customizations unblocked Ready for Q3
Android Content and media Integrate more types of content and media into the app, to improve user engagement and retention. Surface more audio and geolocation data in the article presentation. Ready for Q3
iOS Design on iPad Spec out iPad experience Ipad and landscape mode are opportunities for a richer, more immersive experience. Ready for Q3
Web Hovercards Reading Q2 Goals 2016 Present initial results of Hovercards test and see if concern remains To enable screen reader support Uncover blockers or green light for moving forward
Web Read more A user reaching the end of an article can see suggestions for reading more articles so that they don't have to think about what else they should read. Read more launched on desktop and mobile stable across all projects. Ready for Q3

Departmental goals, Q1 FY2015-2016Edit

Team Objective Key Result Dependency ETA Status
Infrastructure TBD None EOQ DRAFT
Mobile Apps
  • Implementation of Content Service (Structured article data)
  • Prototype new experiences based on Content Service
  • Increase engagement via improved link preview
  • Establish mobile apps strategy via experimentation
    • Banner prompted installs
    • Global South preload
    • App Store features
  • Services
  • Executive Management
  • Fundraising
  • Partnerships
  • Improve quality and development by improving development environment
  • Improve engagement via page load decrease (mobile)
  • Learn more about our users via quick polls
  • Release Engineering
  • Performance
  • Community Engagement