Reading/Reading team updates October, 2015


Web (Desktop and Mobile):Edit

  • The new quick survey tool is currently available, more information will be available on the first question to ask and the duration of the service.
  • The team started working on cards extension. A new service that supports making neat cards from article titles.
  • The team activated Extension:WikidataPageBanner for Catalan Wikipedia as a test. Where the community started using it on Wikiproject pages and user page. The team is discussing if this should be activated as an option, for all wikis.
  • Results are available from Browse experiment
  • After the successful results from trying the concept of Read more on apps, it will be tested for desktop and mobile web. The rational behind it is to work on further engaging users and increasing browsing time by offering similar topics. Please check the documentation for more details


  • [iOS] a super revamped version 5.0 is coming soon. It is available on Alpha (email jminor if you wish to join Alpha as a tester). Sneak a peak on the analysis here
  • [Android] a new release is out with significant community contributions, thanks to: Daniel Rey (@DanReyLop), Wikinaut (@Wikinaut) and Asad Salman (asadpsalman)

Previous UpdatesEdit