Reading/Multimedia/Structured Data/Technical requirements

Tracking technical dependencies for the Structured Data project across different teams

Multi-Content Revisions edit

  • The HTML representation of the structured data slot on a file page should be included in the (cached) parser output for that page.
    • We get the default Wikibase editing interface "for free"
    • We have to use the Wikibase API less for editing/retrieving data
    • We will need to do more UI/UX/design work to improve the Wikibase editing interface, or modify it for our particular use case
  • The MediaInfo entity will be tracked in secondary data, including link tables.
    • This will assist us in tracking which entities are used in which pages, other entities, and so forth.

Search edit

  • For file captions: When a user searches for something in the usual search box, the search potato searches against the structured, multilingual file caption (and maybe the structured, multilingual description, if there is one) and returns results based on that.
    • User stories, some of which are search oriented, in case they help.