Previous Action Items

  • Ramsey: Adopt a feature-specific meeting for the next major milestone [carried forward]
  • Re-factor front-end stuff after CAT is done and released (probably November)

What are we doing that we should keep doing?

  • Close collaboration between design + dev for iterative design and UX discussions +1
    • Ad-hoc as needed and has worked, open to formal in the future
    • Component library could help too
  • Using Slack!! +1

What are we doing that we should stop doing?

  • Sudden and/or shifting deadlines (where we can help it)
    • CAT - Oct 31 was big deadline, but not clear on processe that needed to happen before hand. Not clear on when dev should stop. Would be good to document to have shared understanding. Maybe use Phab board.
      • There was a bottleneck on different disciplines
      • Blockers can/should be in Phab, ask Max for help if confused
  • Lots of independent work? I feel like I don't work with Matthias or Cormac much
    • +1, I was trying to think about where to put this, how to describe it, whether it's even a problem? but I share the sentiment
    • same here - I'm just pluggin away at stuff, mostly on my own. Team-work is a lot more engaging and fun

What aren't we doing that we should start doing?

  • Taking better notes? I hear we don't always write down decisions and it leads to confusion
    • Seconded - documentation of decisions and features would be helpful. For features - does this live in a feature scope-type doc? Phabricator tasks? +1
    • Rotation
    • Not necessarily transcription, just shared understanding
  • Pairing on things?

Action Items

  • Ramsey: Schedule a Search discussion (not dev, just generally)
    • Trouble filling Story Meeting, so maybe there
  • Re-factor front-end stuff after CAT is done and released (probably November)
  • Ramsey: Create a notes doc for the CAT meeting
  • Notetaking rotation experiment: One primary, one secondary, take turns
  • Move retro to GDocs