Previous Action Items

  • Amanda: Story meeting next week to be used for next milestone clarity/planning [Done]
  • Eric: Eric and Anne to talk about shared libraries with Jon Robson [Done]
    • Danger, Jon Robinson (ok I MIGHT complain about this one in IRC)
  • In the glorious future: Schedule meeting to discuss the fate of the campaigns features, when appropriate (Monday's planning meeting?) [Done]
  • Ramsey: Adopt a feature-specific meeting for the next major milestone [carried forward]
  • Michael: Add wikibase client and repo as dependencies in extension.json and delete the configured dependency on wikibase in the integration/config repository [carried forward for further reporting]
    • James was right, this won't work, at least until is resolved. --MDH [Done]

Using a different format for this week: How do we feel? What questions do we have?

Eric: Wants to have a documentation/tutorializing sprint to get all that sweet, sweet Wikibase knowledge into a useful format for posterity and sharing. Tutorial style, have WMDE review/contribute

Matthias: Talk about what (meaningful) engineering work to be done in short-term future. Are we in a limbo where we have more devs than work ATM? How much longer? - see more further down

Eric: Proposes/desires more opportunities to directly interface with WMDE staff who know all the things

Michael: (in response to Matthias) Plenty of MachineVision/CAT things to work on!

  • * Matthias will do CR - will not get too involved in code unless asked (because it sounds like people are already running over one another's work)

What are we doing that we should keep doing?

What are we doing that we should stop doing?

What aren't we doing that we should start doing?

  • Talk about what (meaningful) engineering work to be done in short-term future
    • AIUI, future plans are still vague due to ongoing funding/planning/... discussions, and the remaining defined work is: other data types, Lua, and MAD/CAT
    • Are we in a limbo where we have more devs than work ATM? How much longer?
      • I just got back to (trying to) write selenium tests, but... I get the impression that MediaInfo is not really going to be worked on much in the future - maybe there are other, more important things to work on?
      • I'm more than happy to keep working on random tickets (but if we're ok with what we have at this point, why bother?); I'm also more than happy to either find (more) meaningful work myself:
        • there are various random things in MediaInfo where I would like to improve (e.g. integration into Contributions, RecentChanges, ...)
        • improve UploadWizard
        • experiment with a few ideas (e.g. related images, simple enhanced search) in MediaInfo
        • solidify and extract code that could be used in other projects out of MediaInfo (component, template+dom parser, testing setup, ...)
        • start working towards a repo-only possibility of MediaInfo (for cross-wiki support)
        • ... so many things I would *like* to work on ;)
      • We should talk about this, clarify where we are - I feel like I could be doing more meaningful work, but some clarification would be useful

Action Items

  • Re-factor front-end stuff after CAT is done and released (probably November)
  • Matthias to go through the buffet of To-Do tickets and find interesting things to work on