Previous Action Items

  • Possibly review some action items from offsite doc

What are we doing that we should keep doing?

  • Workin' fast, kickin' ass, and takin' names
  • Sharing screens/work progress, it enables quick iteration
    • GIF showing the interaction of elements
    • Really great to hop on a call almost every day
    • It's pushiing each other to do better work :)
    • Sharing rougher work earlier and more often
  • Being willing to just jump on a call and work through something
  • Feature specific meetings? I do dig our MAD sessions +1 +1
    • MAD sessions?
      • Machine-aided depicts
    • High-level discussion of how/why we are building new features before we dive into them is great +1

What are we doing that we should stop doing?

What aren't we doing that we should we start doing?

  • We need a direct line to Wikibase/WMDE folks or at least a better process to get in touch with them when things go off the rails++
    • During Other Statements release process we saw some new bugs surface that had to do with points of interaction btw us and Wikibase
    • multiple UBN/train blocking issues came up; due to time zone and holiday schedules I felt like I was one of the only devs around to deal with these urgent tickets and had no idea what to do; this was pretty stressful
    • would be good to have some kind of regular check-ins with wikibase or to meet periodically to better understand how our projects inter-relate
      • (we do have a meeting for that ^_^) Which one? maybe I have just never joined it [Wikidata & WMF sync, every 2 weeks]
    • I don't know any of the Wikibase devs personally and did not feel comfortable just randomly shooting "please help" messages
    • => You can also ping folks on IRC even if you don't know them.  They are usually nice
    • => Amanda to send warning message to WMDE for next big release
  • Naming ourselves in Etherpad [new Etherpad, who dis?]

Action Items

  • Need a volunteer to archive the last few months' retros, should take 15 min, just super boring
  • Adopt a feature-specific meeting for the next major milestone [Ramsey]
  • Eric to join WMDE - WMF sync meeting [Ramsey] {{done!}}