Previous Action Items

  • HANA: Talk through how to get selenium testing into our current workflow - this will be scheduled for Tuesday sorry for not putting on calendars yet
  • Eric: Make tickets about unit testing and how to get that working
    • Could lead to norm about making unit tests when writing new code

What are we doing that we should keep doing?

  • Releasing (not just because that's the eventual goal, but we have complex configs to hide a lot of partially complete future stuff that we can remove as we release)+1
  • releasing something as polished as possible +1 ^_^
  • Pivoting well :)
  • Writing tests and trying to write tests+1
  • Setting stuff up to be released in stages
  • Communicating with the community about releases and date changes

What are we doing that we should stop doing?

  • [this space left intentionally blank :D]

What aren't we doing that we should we start doing?

  • Figuring out what the hell is up with mobile (who really owns it, what's the priority for it from the directors, why is it always so broken, etc.)
    • FWIW I'm pretty sure Readers Web is the "owner" these days. [notice "really owns it" ^_^]
    • I think we should own the mobile aspect of our own work! And prioritize it! Every team should make their stuff work on mobile +1 +1+1+1
  • Have collective discussions about larger architectural questions periodically so we are not always just thinking in terms of the next ticket
    • ex: testing strategy, state management, wikidata relationship/data model, etc etc
  • Focus on i18n early on?? including in qa? seems like a lot of the fixes last two weeks were related to this but maybe i'm imagining
    • RTL too +1
  • Share more information about who are unofficial contact people outside of our team that are approachable and have useful info relating to our codebase/concern (for example with the wb bug, i didn't know who to ping to ask about it)
  • How could we have caught the CORS issue on moblie?  We should start doing that.
    • Making sure the beta CORS configuration matches production
    • Generalizing for possible future issues, making sure beta mobile configs are as close as possible to production

Action Items

  • Mark + Ramsey - Think about what resources (time, personnel, skills etc) we need to better support mobile, create an "Acceptance threshold/qa checklist"
  • HANA - Create testing roadmap as an example of how to document architecture  (this is will be an outcome of testing meeting now) Eric: Willing to write this after meeting
  • HANA - update qa checklist with wikidata entity language bug
    • And