Previous Action Items

  • Matthias to dig up some UploadWizard tickets and see if they are worth prioritizing (Ramsey)
  • Max to email list to see what we can do about
    • getting a sense of accomplishment (via resolution of tasks probably)
    • Figuring out how to verify tasks on prod without clogging board)
  • Use for discussion of ad-hoc ticket needs/emergencies

What are we doing that we should keep doing?

  • Having time this week to focus on testing work was valuable, even if we don't have the system in place to do much with Selenium, etc; let's continue setting aside time for test automation and find other ways to do it productively
  • For QA, putting whether something was tested on Beta or Test Commons in the phab ticket - very helpful, thanks! +1
  • Reaching out to other teams as we notice issues/blockers -- helps raise visibility of some long standing problems that could be addressed
  • Ad hoc bugs are getting exterminated quickly and fairly thoroughly despite the craziness involved sometimes
  • Collaborating and communicating across the team in general
  • Usability testing :)
  • Design walk-through w/Pam was useful and quick way to ensure things were correct +1

What are we doing that we should stop doing?

  • Assuming we can write tests in a week?  Maybe reasonably should have had longer time line
  • I'm in full-on panic mode atm, which I'd like to get out of :p ... or maybe not panic, but v frustratedselenium brings that out in people :(+1 on frustration about this
    • ^ Don't panic! Where's your towel?
    • haha :D

What aren't we doing that we should we start doing?

  • Find non-Selenium ways to do automated testing work (I still think more JS unit tests could help)
  • a regular weekly or twice a month day when we try to improve tests?
  • Celebrating more? Amanda (not present) mentioned that she was surprised at the team tone when she returned, considering recent successes +1
    • We don't prematurely celebrate :) [still many things to do]
    • the team tone? you mean we're all bummed out cos we haven't released yet?

Topics voted up (as needed)

Parking Lot

Action Items

  • HANA: Talk through how to get selenium testing into our current workflow+1 to dev chat on this
  • Eric: Make tickets about unit testing and how to get that working
    • Could lead to norm about making unit tests when writing new code