Previous Action Items

  • Max: To make a proposal for how to track in progress work and releases in Phab [Done]
  • Experiment: Keep writing down regular standup, but when we talk about it we'll just talk blockers (and questions) [Done]
    • We hypothesize this will cut down on redundancy, and make more time for teamyness, and might also make Ramsey more curious
  • Ramsey: Screenshare Monday meetings, too! [doing/done]
  • Ramsey: We need a QA checklist, with Design elements as a part of that [^_^ still doing]
  • Ramsey to throw some things into QA column [Done]

What are we doing that we should keep doing?

  • i think the new standups are good imo we should keep doing. curious if others disagree +1
  • story meeting probably going to hot up again once we get this crawling release out the door (gonna be hot like Mexico)
  • I like that there is a "Code Review" column now and intend to start following that
    • Helps to see status, esp with time zones. Still figuring out when to push in or pull out work
  • pinging each other to share/review work

What are we doing that we should stop doing?

What aren't we doing that we should we start doing?

  • Add/review QA steps to a ticket before moving it into the Needs QA column+1
    • Since we want to add those steps anyway, might want to do so as early as possible, not just when moving to needs QA (reproduction steps are very useful for dev too) +1
      • That would be ideal, but we do new stuff very quickly most of the time and often new tickets represent topics we don't fully understand yet so I suggested later as a compromise
      • suggestion: devs add acceptance criteria to tickets as they understand them, at least to get ball rolling and be explicit about expected behavior
  • UploadWizard maintenance, apparently (see wikitech-l thread)
    • And I agree that we're somewhat neglecting it. AIUI, we're pretty much not supposed to spend any time working on it? Or can we? Should we?
      • Our mandate is to only touch non-SDC stuff if it breaks
  • Erm .. I'm not sure I understand the new boards yet. Could we have a little chat about them just so we're all on the same page? +1+2
    • Make up your damn minds ^_^ -1

Topics voted up (as needed)

Parking Lot

  • is there a channel or space that discusses what's going on with CIs and if there is something unusual going on -- like I've rechecked some thing 5-6x is that.. normal? Where is discussion of CI at wikimedia?+1
    • Not sure there's a specific venue for CI. I'd expect #wikimedia-operations might have some chatter about CI as well? Maybe check if anything relevant
    • Also: CI failures have been pretty bad recently - it's not usually this bad :)
    • Also: maybe we should go hunt down some failures (like the random lexeme failure) if we have some time

Action Items

  • Max B to send out explicit template instructions for Multimedia specific tasks
  • Matthias to dig up some UploadWizard tickets and see if they are worth prioritizing (Ramsey)