Previous Action Items

  • Amanda and Ramsey for meeting with MGMT: Do the things we're asking for (QA, staging env), else you get sub-par releases and need to spend political capital instead
  • Keegan to noodle on getting community to test on  leave feedback
    • Perhaps a checklist
  • Design
    • We need to be more explicit about when things need design review
    • Pam to pair with devs as they implement designs, see how that goes
    • Both of above are ad-hoc pings for now
  • Ramsey: We need a QA checklist, with Design elements as a part of that
  • Pam: Look into how other teams deal with regression testing with a Designer involved
  • Don't lose the epics thread

What are we doing that we should keep doing?

  • story meeting, small tickets - at least for now, for myself at least I feel like that is a bit chaotic but working
    • +1 so good!
    • +1 - I'm pretty sure some of the current tasks would've ended up being forgotten about if we hadn't created them
    • +1 it works really well to be able to ask questions/give clarification synchronously
  • Keep talking as a team - we've been having great convos, and the new team members are a great addition to our process convos
    • +1
  • Acceptance criteria in epics
    • We are working toward epics, learning about what we want to fill out tix
    • Having clarity on when something is done is useful
  • Workshopping community issues/responses (workshopping team responses in general, really)
  • Fast responses to immediate (and sometimes surprise) needs
    • +1
    • +1 Really appreciated everyone rallying around captions licensing
    • +1 to captions licensing especially

What are we doing that we should stop doing?

  • Stop getting distracted by conversations from outside the team -- Pam Drouin, esq
  • Reading the Village Pump (except Keegan (sorry Keegan))

What should we start doing?

  • Retro in bluejeans
    • It's great to see everyone's face for a meeting like this, and Meet don't do that
  • better unit testing - had a meeting about it today, have some action items that will be tickets by the end of the day
  • Acceptance criteria in epics

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Action Items

  • Ramsey: We need a QA checklist, with Design elements as a part of that
  • Max to make bluejeans retro meeting