Previous Action Items

  • Pam and Max to talk Phab and tracking design documentation [Re-scheduled]
  • Amanda to talk to Caitlin about likely deployment dates for file captions {{done}}

What in the team's process is going well?

  • We are really knocking shit out atm - about to deploy some code, having very engaged discussions
    • Creating a personal relationship with WMDE helps move things along a bit quicker, spending time together etc
  • We continue to have good discussions about design-related aspects of the big features
  • Positivity and realism in the face of complexity and adversity.
    • I thought realism was the opposite of positivity

What in the team's process could be improved?

  • Existing pieces of engineering work in-train are pretty big, difficult to split down; might be good to have a "snackbox" list of smaller tasks to take on between the biggers ones?
    • Actually an interesting point - in the last place I worked there was no tech task bigger than a day. If something was bigger it was split into one-day pieces that could be individually code reviewed. Not the culture here, but it sure made code reviewing easier

What in the team's process is confusing?

  • Curious if we need to talk about SDC working board vs MM working board and if they overlap to the degree that "one source of truth" is at risk
  • JF: I feel like I'm not totally sure what "done" looks like for each of the conceptual stages, which may just be because I'm new to the team, but leaves me confused about what's next.

Parking Lot

  • Data modelling!
  • IIRC, we didn't get around to discussion PL last time - need to catch up?

Action Items

  • Pam and Max to talk Phab and tracking design documentation [Re-scheduled]
  • Ramsey: Definition of "virtual statements"?
  • Let's talk about Data Modelling, Amanda should be there --> Task Planning Meeting