Previous Action Items

  • Pam and Max to talk Phab and tracking design documentation [Didn't happen]
  • Amanda to come to retros, calendar-RSVP hygiene [Done, yay]

Where are we today?

  • Tech
    • Main issue is when a page doesn't have a MediaInfo slot, it doesn't know that it "should". [PageTypeHandler] / T205459
    • Also, having to work off hacked-together stuff because MCR is currently getting confused by revision IDs. T194729
    • SlotRoleHandler stuff / T194046
      • Position on page
      • Hard-coded "title" of the slot
    • Search back-end (injection?) stuff is also pretty scary, might be a bigger issue / T190066
    • It's disappointing how even Beta Cluster deployment keeps slipping back because of all these things.
    • Depicts statements
      • Announced our (initial) nixing of hierarchy traversal to community; they're understanding
      • Lots of desire to organise display of depicts statements in a "folded" way.
        • Need to work on display, search, and entry UX concepts.
        • Search is hard [cue lots of in-depth discussion]
  • Non-tech
    • Using the delay to spend time doing user testing
      • On our custom Labs instance? Most likely (no other way to do it that Pam knows of)
      • Might not have the time to act on findings.

Parking Lot

  • How is Google Meet working for folks?
    • A few teams are exploring non-Google alternatives because they miss Hangouts
      • What are these alternatives?
    • [Mark] I find it sufficient, even if some of the keyboard shortcuts are a little more tedious (in Hangouts, tab+space would join a meeting, in Meet you really need to use the mouse unless you want to tab for 2 minutes or so)
    • meh to Meet
  • One "real" retro since June 21
    • Are they necessary?
    • Are we missing something from them?
    • Maybe a chance to reflect on what retros are for, and affirm that we are getting that value otherwise

Action Items

  • Pam and Max to talk Phab and tracking design documentation [Re-scheduled]
  • Amanda to talk to Caitlin about likely deployment dates for file captions