Previous Action Items

  • NONE

What in the team's process is going well?

  • We meet all the time! :D
  • Our schedule is lined up nearly perfectly to meet deadlines, with (a little) wiggle room for interrupts
  • Work is getting done and we seem even better at multitasking and switching from one thing to another even though they may be unrelated
    • Front-loading as much as possible and identifying roadblocks
    • Tolerance for Ramsey's presentations at a moment's notice
    • We are starting to document things more, helping with handoffs and sharing knowledge
  • Cat facts
    • Improve: Repeat cat facts???
  • We talk to each other :)
    • Some folks outside the team were disorganizedly concerned, and we managed to talk to each other about what to do, actionize, etc
      • We can talk frankly about stuff
    • Me changing time zones has helped me have convos with Cormac & Matthias more easily/frequently
  • Teamwork (really appreciated meeting with Ramsey & Amanda to chunk out Depicts)

What in the team's process could be improved?

  • Test coverage
    • Hope to talk about this in Jan as we release more substantial changes
    • And if so we should add it to the roadmap
      • +1!
  • Need more time for Game of Thrones
  • Stakeholder review meeting
    • How did we get there? [Can't control people's attention, or lack thereof]
      • Encourage people to come to us when they have a question
      • Might have to deal with this sort of thing sometimes
    • Was it useful, and should we do it more regularly?
      • Was useful to have a guiding presentation from Ramsey, plus Q&A as a group
  • Design documentation on Phab... been noodling on it for a while & have been consulting a few folks, but want to do more documentation once I have a better idea of what & how for the spec/design workboard (chunking out Depicts will help this along a ton)

What in the team's process is confusing?

  • Amanda popping into standups and such inconsistently?
  • "Restore revisions" spec has been vague - slow to get into
  • How is Google Meet working for folks?
    • A few teams are exploring non-Google alternatives because they miss Hangouts
      • What are these alternatives?
    • [Mark] I find it sufficient, even if some of the keyboard shortcuts are a little more tedious (in Hangouts, tab+space would join a meeting, in Meet you really need to use the mouse unless you want to tab for 2 minutes or so)
    • meh to Meet
  • One "real" retro since June 21
    • Are they necessary?
    • Are we missing something from them?
    • Maybe a chance to reflect on what retros are for, and affirm that we are getting that value otherwise

Parking Lot

Action Items

  • Pam and Max to talk Phab and tracking design documentation
  • Amanda to come to retros, caelndar-RSVP hygiene