2018-05-24 edit

Previous Action Items edit

What aspect of process is going well? edit

  • Work is getting done
    • 1:1 meetings and async team emails continue to be very helpful

What aspect of process could be improved? edit

  • A process for updating documents

What aspect of process is confusing? edit

  • Team member unsure bout the google docs we use- e.g. the depicts one , and Amanda's hackathon notes. Do google docs have versioning? Is there an easy way to see what changed since the last time I looked at something?
    • Piggybacking a bit on the above statement, we have requirements in multiple docs, emails, and chats -- how best can we consolidate/update?
      • Question: do we use labs for more than purely ad-hoc testing (e.g. demoing) - if yes, how do we keep it running smoothly?

Parking Lot edit

  • There are so many broken things we have to work around.
  • Google Docs Versioning - Ramsey to provide support

Action Items edit

  • Ramsey: Add ad-hoc testing (e.g. demoing) to Planning meeting agenda
  • Ramsey: Explore support from data analytics
  • Ramsey: Ensure team members are editors are docs