Previous Action Items

What in the team's process is going well?

  • Cross-Departmental communication
  • Search team is being v helpful for me
  • Good 1-on-1s still!
  • Work gets done

What in the team's process could be improved?

  • Typing on different lines in the etherpad+1+1+2.3
  • I let code reviews slide a little, but I think we're almost caught up now
  • Planning process could maybe use some transparency - not causing problems currently but may be much more important as we solidify timelines for Much More Serious Stuff(tm)

What in the team's process is confusing?

  • The MCR panic ... but I dunno if it's possible to make that any less confusing :/

Parking Lot

  • [PHAB] New Deadline Task feature might make it really useful

Action Items

  • Ramsey to talk to Amanda about scheduling a monthly meeting with Mark about upcoming security and performance reviews: i.e. "these are the things we are about to launch"