Previous Action Items

  • Pam: Share with Keegan communication channels slides DONE
  • Ramsey: continue to document Product-->Design-->Eng pipeline and share (ongoing)
  • Max: move design:dev chat to alternate with Thursdays DONE
  • Ramsey: Will mention to Amanda that setting expectations about MM's role/scope differs between relationships with other teams DONE/ONGOING
  • We might need a SDoC session where people say what they need and we get on the same page
  • Cormac: assigned to archive this retro as punishment for setting up social time and then bailing DONE

What in the team's process is going well?

  • Getting feedback on designs from team members - thank you!
  • Still getting things done at a (somewhat) surprising pace
  • The team's ability to self-organize and iterate on continuous process improvement [aka we don't need as much Max babysitting :) ]
  • We have a team IRC channel! and it's being used \o/

What in the team's process could be improved?

  • Re: Today's standup, perhaps we should decide on note-takers before starting so we don't miss things
  • Alternatively: Adopt the SoS method of putting your notes in before the meeting (even if only by a minute or two)

What in the team's process is confusing?

  • I think I was a bit unclear (or non-specific) about what I've been working on, so I've created a ticket or two so it's clearer
  • framing of forward-thinking designs vs iterative designs [we will totes answer this today!]
  • I think we're a little lacking in detailed user stories - they're mostly EPICs and a bit light on detail

Action Items

  • Ramsey to figure out the best way to link Phab tickets to work (the value of, etc)
  • Max to see if task planning can be moved for 2/19 holiday