Previous Action Items edit

  • Pam to share out communication channels feedback
    • DONE
  • Ramsey to document Product-->Design-->Eng pipeline and share
  • Max to set up a recurring meeting for devs to hash out design feedback with Pam
    • DONE
  • Ramsey to archive this retro
    • DONE

What in the team's process is going well edit

  • I thought the first design/dev meeting went well
  • Dedicating time to talk about things for which there isn't time in standup
  • The first design/dev meeting was incredibly helpful. Wish we had thought to start this sooner, but it's great we're doing it now. Also, it was great to meet every one in person and I think that'll help teamwork going forward.

What in the team's process could be improved? edit

  • Coordination between us and other teams is improving, but we may want to set up processes to catch potential issues/conflicts before they grow too much
  • Can we alternate design:devs chat with retro (have both on Thu) instead of both on/off on different days in the week? (convenient to know Tue eve is always free & Thu never)

What in the team's process is confusing? edit

  • I was confused by having the design/dev meeting on Tuesday (thought it'd be Thursday), but other than that, things have been clear.
  • I'm still in a confused state on account of jetlag :(

Action Items edit

  • Pam: Share with Keegan communication channels slides
    • DONE
  • Ramsey: continue to document Product-->Design-->Eng pipeline and share (ongoing)
  • Max: move design:dev chat to alternate with Thursdays
  • Ramsey: Will mention to Amanda that setting expectations about MM's role/scope differs between relationships with other teams
  • We might need a SDoC session where people say what they need and we get on the same page
  • Cormac: assigned to archive this retro as punishment for setting up social time and then bailing
    • DONE
  • Social time after Thursday meeting (retro or design) completes until 10am-ish PST