2017-11-09 edit

Previous Action Items edit

What in the team's process is going well? edit

  • We still like each other! (no small feat based on some other teams hehe)
  • Can't speak much about working together just yet, but I am enjoying getting to see everyone's faces and knowing people just a bit better (Pam)
  • Cooperation with WMDE going well, thanks to Ramsey/Lydia cooperation I imagine
  • I think everyone is learning from each other well and efficiently
  • I really appreciate when Pam says she has nothing to say because I know she is paying attention. :) lollllll - yay!

What in the team's process could be improved? edit

  • I (Matthias) took too long to start reviewing SVG patch (I was in no rush with Cormac on vacation, but only got to it once he was back already)
  • With the recent rash of absences, I wonder if there is a more formal way we can handle absence-related gaps in our capacity (not sure if CR was a problem, but maybe addressing serious concerns in production that arise during a vacation is not super clear)
  • I have no suggestions yet
  • Standup meetings are a chain instead of individual, so one has to accept or decline for each day rather than each recurring instance. Not a problem if you go to all standups, but folks like Scrum Masters don't because they have other friends. Suggestion: Have Eng-Admin separate the meetings into their own recurring instances, instead of 4.

What in the team's process is confusing? edit

  • On the "big picture" side, still a little confusion on the work we'll be doing in the near future on SDoC (not our fault, but something to be addressed) (curious about this too...)
  • Nothing yet so far
  • I'm a little unclear about reviews when people outside the team are involved - if I see someone else is reviewing a patch, I usually just stay out of it. Is that ok?
    • That is ok

Action Items edit

  • Ramsey to work with engineering team to set norms around absences and picking up the slack/coverage
  • Max to resched next retro to fit in Thanksgiving
  • Mark to email relevant parties
  • Matthias to post notes on

Parking Lot edit

  • Next retro scheduled for Thanksgiving Day (U.S.), should we reschedule?