2017-10-12 edit

Previous Action Items edit

  • Ramsey to take stab at sorting out the backlog cruft, classifying untriaged work. Also, will keep a list of things that need dev attn.
    • DONE
  • Amanda to send out visualized Phab task tree.
    • DONE
  • Max to swap Grooming and Planning
    • DONE
  • Cormac to handle circulating retro notes for review and posting them on MW
    • DONE
  • Mark will put the retro publishing instructions at the top of this etherpad because documentation
    • DONE

What in the team's process is going well? edit

  • Team seems to be jumping into MediaInfo tasks successfully (though there is certainly more work to do)
  • Phab tickets are being addressed in a fairly timely manner.
  • Backlog grooming went smoother with our new categorization system, we got important things looked at and now have a record of what we need to inspect next time

What in the team's process could be improved? edit

  • US/Germany time differences make collaboration with WMDE a little complex (maybe we are using suboptimal channels?)
    • IRC would be more "push" than "pull" for getting attention, even if a little disruptive
    • Ramsey is available to help with communication challenges, so don't be afraid to tell him
    • Euro MM folks are a good group for this too
  • Is anyone monitoring MM phab for new (potentially urgent/important) tickets? (I've mostly ignored general MM board since we have Workboard)
    • Ramsey: yes
    • This no longer belongs in "could be improved"
  • I wonder if we should be looking at the work in progress as part of standup (e.g. the Working Board)
    • Ramsey:
      • In our free form conversations right now we are pretty verbose. If confused, you can say as much.
      • Could be useful, for ex, in the Gergo item on thumbnailing, things that have lots of discussion, etc
      • In standup, we might just raise blockers
      • ATM, the backlog needs more attention than the Working Board

What in the team's process is confusing? edit

  • Today highlighted some questions about what our standups are meant to be - do we use them for MM team work only, or SDC work, or both? Also, how in-depth do we get?
  • what's the process for old tickets with existing patches that we might want to pick up?
  • What to do with tasks that need QA? (which do we resolve ourselves, how fast do they get resolved, ...)
    • We have a lot of open tickets in Phab, mostly in QA. Do we have guidelines for who attends to those?
    • We are accomplishing the goal of pushing out code, but the QA column is filling up. Is that a useful metric.

Action Items edit

  • Cormac to document Mark's Code Review Rules for -1/-2/Abandon, with the Matthias Addendum
  • Ramsey to chat with Anthony about QA capacity for MM
  • Goal is to establish MM norms around mounting QA tasks
  • Matthias to publish retro notes