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Meeting Notes - July 21, 2014

The Wikimedia Foundation's multimedia team held planning meetings for our next development cycle on July 21, 2014 in San Francisco. Here are our notes, prepared collaboratively on this shared notepad.

Participants edit

  • Gilles Dubuc - engineering team lead
  • Fabrice Florin - product manager, host
  • Mark Holmquist - frontend engineer
  • Gergo Tisza - backend engineer

Agenda edit

  • Goals for Next 6-week Cycle
  • Current Cycle Review
  • Capacity of the team
  • Estimate New Stories
  • Estimate Backlog
  • Select Tasks for this Cycle

Discussion edit

Goals for Next Cycle edit

Review this Next Cycle's goals (10 mins).

Review this Next Cycle's goals (10 mins).

Our next development cycle starts on July 23 and ends on September 2.

For this 6-week cycle, we plan to focus on our next two big projects this year: Upload Wizard and Structured Data — while tracking key metrics, addressing critical bugs -- as well as final Media Viewer tasks and Wikimania discussions.

We propose to invest our time between these main projects:

  • Upload Wizard - planning and refactoring (bug fixes, metrics, discussions, code review)
  • Structured Data - planning with Wikidata and community (discussions, design, specifications)
  • Multimedia Metrics - upload funnel analysis, Media Viewer opt-in/out data
  • Critical Bugs / Tech Debt - fix serious issues that need quick solutions (e.g. thumbnails)
  • Media Viewer - viewing options panel, opt in/out metrics, bug fixes, wrap-up tasks
  • Wikimania - hackathon, discussions, presentation, roundtable

Note: We plan to skip a sprint during Wikimania, as most of the team will be busy that week.

See this updated Mingle wall for what is now our current cycle.

See also:

Current Cycle Results edit

Review Current Cycle achievements and overall performance (15 mins).

  • Key accomplishments:
    • released Media Viewer on all wikis (22+ million global image views/day !)
    • developed new metrics to track Media Viewer opt-outs, Upload Wizard drop-off rates
    • developed final features and bug fixes based on community feedback (e.g. view original file, attribution credits)
    • solved critical bugs and technical debt for other multimedia tools (e.g. Image Scalers, GW Toolset, TimedMediaHandler)
    • started Upload Wizard project: planning, bug fixes, code review, refactoring, metrics, user feedback, designs
    • started Structured Data project: planning, research, mockups, discussions with Wikidata
  • We completed about 113 points in the last 6 weeks (vs. 112 points in previous cycle)

Team Capacity edit

Estimate Capacity of the team in this Next Cycle (5 mins).

  • Estimated capacity : ~14 points/ week = ~70 points for the Next Cycle (a bit less because of Wikimania and Gergo vacation)

Next Cycle Estimates edit

Estimate Stories proposed for this Next Cycle and come up with the final list based on the estimations and capacity of the team (30min).

  • Estimate Backlog left for Current Cycle
  • Identify top candidates for Next Cycle
  • Estimate new tasks under consideration for Next Cycle

Next Cycle Tasks edit

Determine which Tasks to take on for the Next Cycle, and which to push back to Subsequent or other Cycles (15 mins).

  • Reach team consensus on top priorities
  • Move relevant tasks over to the Next Cycle for development
  • Push back other tasks over to Subsequent Cycle or later
  • Adjust above goals as needed
  • See updated Mingle wall

Our Current Cycle wall now includes separate columns for Media Viewer (4.5 points), Metrics (13.5 points), Structured Data (6 points), Tech Debt (12 points) and Upload Wizard (12 points) -- or a total of about 48 points. We expect to take on more tasks which have not yet been estimated in these categories.

Here are some examples of tasks we plan to take on in this cycle.

Metrics edit

  • Upload Wizard Metrics & Funnel Analysis (#305, #541, #603, #587)
  • Media Viewer Opt-in/out (#735, #793)

Upload Wizard edit

We have started planning and development on Upload Wizard, which will be our main user-facing project in the coming year. For now, we are focusing on metrics, feedback, bug fixes, unit tests, code refactoring and a few small user interface improvements.

Here are some of the tasks we plan to take on this cycle:

  • Upload Bugs (e.g. #132 PHP Fatal error and related)
  • Analyze user feedback for Upload Wizard (#624)
  • Code Refactoring Plan (#344)

To learn more, check out this updated project page.

Structured Data edit

We are starting to work with the Wikidata team to plan this project, which aims to provide machine-readable data for media files on Wikimedia Commons.

Our main activities this cycle include:

  • Planning meetings with Wikidata
  • Mockups and schemas for a new metadata structure
  • Community discussions to understand user needs and workflows
  • Definitions for a high-level class for image metadata

To learn more, check out this new project page.

Critical Bugs / Tech Debt edit

We will continue to allocate about a third of our time to address urgent bugs and technical debt to gradually improve our multimedia infrastructure.

Here are some tasks we are considering for this cycle:

  • Pre-render thumbnails in all sizes on the back-end (#301)
  • InstantCommons broken for some images (#131)
  • Write unit tests for GW Toolset (#608)
  • Create vagrant role for Commons (#632)

To learn more, click on the relevant cards in our Technical Debt wall.

Media Viewer edit

We will keep working on critical features or bug fixes for Media Viewer, as requested by community members. Here are some remaining tasks we plan to take on this cycle:

  • Viewing Options Panel (#787)
  • Viewing Options Dashboard (#793)
  • Set up tri-state preferences for Media Viewer (#807)
  • Add suffix to file names in Media Viewer (#798)
  • Show pop-up warning for old computers / slow connections (#717)
  • Improve documentation (#576)

Wikimania edit

Preparation tasks:

  • Prepare slides
  • Rehearse presentation
  • Invite roundtable participants

Scheduled sessions:

For a roadmap of our goals for these projects in future cycles, visit this planning page for 2014-2015.

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