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P5, JaelEdit

  • Age: 19 years
  • Location: Puebla, Mexico
  • Gender: F
  • Occupation: student at BUAP
  • Education: in university
  • Internet access: data plan/hotspot usage w Telcel; wifi @ home through Maxcomm
  • Technical comfort: 2-3

Day in the lifeEdit

Work & educationEdit

Jael spends most of her time at a public University in Puebla, where she is in her first year, studying [look this up in video] and German. She spends a lot of time during the week studying and doing homework. She also dances on a television show.


After University, Jael wants to continue her studies in Germany, which she says is the best place for her field of study.


Jael lives with her parents and brother, who she is very close with. Her mother is a teacher and her father works in a factory. She doesn't see them much during the week because of their conflicting, busy schedules, but spends time with them on the weekends


Jael uses Wikipedia for her personal learning but not for her academic learning. She uses YouTube for topics that are hard to understand. Her university provides accounts to access paid content (like scholarly journals).

She gets her news from Facebook.

She also uses Coursera to learn about subjects she isn't taking in school.


Jael speaks Spanish and English fluently. She is also learning German. She searches about 60% in Spanish and 40% in English on her desktop. Which language wiki she uses depends on the search query she enters in Google.

She always searches in Spanish on her phone because she is trying to find quick facts. She uses many English sources (even in Spanish language classes) because there is more content available.

Editing & Wikipedia perceptionEdit

Jael believes that all wikis are related to Wikipedia. She says she was told it's very easy to change Wikipedia. She has not edited. She believes that initial articles are written by experts and that edits are checked for truth. She has friends who have vandalized Wikipedia.

She finds it easier to navigate through articles on her desktop and iPad than on her phone.

Jael believes the Google infobox is always WIkipedia content.

Online shopping & donationsEdit

Jael has shopped online before. She doesn't trust online shopping and prefers to buy in-store. She has not donated to a non-profit formally. She has given money to canvassers on the street.== Devices ==






Sony Vaio