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P13, JorgeEdit

  • Age: 35 years
  • Location: Tlaxco, Mexico
  • Gender: M
  • Occupation: Coordinator of culture and art for local government, artist
  • Education: Bachelor's in Philosophy
  • Internet access: Wifi at home by Telmex
  • Technical comfort: -

Day in the lifeEdit

Work & educationEdit

Jorge works during the day as the coordinator of culture and art for the local government in Tlaxco. In his free time, he is an artist and nurtures his creativity through looking at art (both in person and online) and making his own art. He practices art in many forms, including painting, drawing, writing, and sculpting.  

He went to a prep school and also studied philosophy academically. 


Jorge prefers to live in the moment and doesn't think much about the future.


He lives in a family home from many generations, sharing part with his brother. His mother and aunt share another portion of the home. 


In his work, Jorge feels that learning about politics comes best from connecting directly with other people.

Jorge is most interested in learning about art and philosophy, which he does online and in person. He visits local museums and art galleries to gain inspiration, but because he lives in a more rural area, he supplements these visits with looking at art online. He finds art through google searches and Facebook groups. He also looks at biographies online.


Jorge is fluent in Spanish and had some English in school growing up. He is not comfortable speaking or listening in English, but will sometimes find information online in English and translate specific words or phrases either through google translate or a printed Spanish-English dictionary to gain a deeper understanding.

Editing & Wikipedia perceptionEdit

About ten years ago, Jorge was involved in editing the Wikipedia page about his town, Tlaxco. Once he felt that the article was complete he largely stopped editing, though the article has progressed a lot since then. He and some friends invented a word once that he put on-wiki, but it was reverted.

In school, he was told that he shouldn't use Wikipedia because it was too easy to copy-paste, but he still trusts most of the content he sees there.

Online shopping & donationsEdit

Jorge has done a little online shopping, mostly through Mercado Libre, for cameras and SD cards; normally he shops offline. He has a credit card and a PayPal account. He has not donated to a non-profit before.



Samsung, used only for phone calls.


Samsung (Android) with wifi. Used for whatsapp, music, and going to sleep.


Toshiba laptop with internet access via Telmex wifi at home. Uses for work, photo editing, Facebook via chrome, and watching movies.