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P11, PedroEdit

  • Age: 28 years
  • Location: Apizaco, Mexico
  • Gender: M
  • Occupation: Student and electrician
  • Education: High school and some vocational (current)
  • Internet access: Wifi at home by Telmex, no data plan on smartphone
  • Technical comfort: -

Day in the lifeEdit

Work & EducationEdit

During the week, Pedro goes to a vocational school where he is learning skills for his career as an electrician. He's also studying other technical skills such as welding, motor maintenance, and more. In the afternoons after school, he sometimes has a job or does housework to help his mom, who he's lived with since his father passed away. He enjoys juggling in his free time. 


Pedro wants to work as an electrician full time.


Pedro used to live in Veracruz, but moved back home to live with his mother when his father passed away a few years before our conversation.


Every morning, Pedro gets a text with a short summary of current news, which he usually clicks on to learn more. He also gets news from Facebook and CNN, among other sites. He uses the number of "likes" on Facebook posts to judge trustworthiness, and generally does not trust the media.

Pedro uses YouTube for learning and also downloads PDFs and manuals to his smartphone and tablet while he's online. He then uses those materials offline when he's working in the field. He uses the internet to keep up with changes in the technology he works with (for example plumbing).

He used Wikipedia earlier in his academic career, but doesn't use it much anymore. He last used it about 2 months prior to our conversation to look up a specific engine diagram.


Pedro speaks Spanish and no other languages. At times, he finds the language on Wikipedia to be too complex and looks up the definition of specific words via Google.

Editing & Wikipedia perceptionEdit

Pedro has never edited Wikipedia. He was told not to use Wikipedia in school by his teachers because he wasn't allowed to copy-paste. In order to find Wikipedia content, he uses Google and scans for the Wikipedia link.

Online shopping & donationsEdit

Pedro does some online shopping. He usually uses his mother's credit card and pays her back. He has used offline bank transfer as well. He has never donated to a charity formally, but does give money to an orphanage or people asking for donations on the street.== Devices ==


Windows phone with no data plan (uses wifi only). Downloads PDFs and other resources while at home to refer to while he's working (technical manuals, etc.). Uses for whatsapp, youtube, and Facebook while on wifi.


Android with no data plan. Uses for whatsapp and Facebook. Also downloads some PDFs.


Shares a computer with his brother (when he visits from Veracruz). Mostly uses the computer for saving files.