Quality Assurance/Meetings/2015-09-15

#wikimedia-office: Weekly browser tests triage edit

Meeting started by zeljkof-meeting at 15:10:11 UTC. The full logs are available at https://tools.wmflabs.org/meetbot/wikimedia-office/2015/wikimedia-office.2015-09-15-15.10.log.html .

Meeting summary edit

  • triaging "waiting for" column (zeljkof-meeting, 15:24:54)
    • ACTION: ping Vikas about T90577 (zeljkof-meeting, 15:39:11)
  • triaging "todo" column (zeljkof-meeting, 15:48:27)

Meeting ended at 15:50:14 UTC.

Action items edit

  • create a subtask of T92613 to upgrade all repos to the latest watir-webdriver
  • ping Vikas about T90577

People present (lines said) edit

  • zeljkof-meeting (7)
  • hashar (5)
  • wm-labs-meetbot` (3)

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