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#wikimedia-office: Triage: Browser tests edit

Meeting started by zeljkof-meeting at 15:05:45 UTC. The full logs are available at https://tools.wmflabs.org/meetbot/wikimedia-office/2015/wikimedia-office.2015-06-16-15.05.log.html .

Meeting summary edit

  • renaming columns (zeljkof-meeting, 15:26:02)
    • AGREED: rename "to triage" to "triage" (zeljkof-meeting, 15:26:17)
    • AGREED: rename "triaged" to "backlog" (zeljkof-meeting, 15:26:30)
  • triaging "doing" (zeljkof-meeting, 15:27:19)
  • triaging "waiting for" (zeljkof-meeting, 15:29:53)
    • AGREED: we are willing to accept part of the patch associated with T98719, but not the entire patch (zeljkof-meeting, 15:41:32)
    • AGREED: resolving T73602 (zeljkof-meeting, 15:46:28)
    • AGREED: resolving T65708 as declined (zeljkof-meeting, 15:48:25)
    • AGREED: removing browser-tests project from T95395 (zeljkof-meeting, 15:50:08)

Meeting ended at 15:51:23 UTC.

Action items edit

  • meeting landing page should have links to this irc channel and hangout

People present (lines said) edit

  • zeljkof-meeting (25)
  • wm-labs-meetbot (3)

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