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SIP Audio ConferenceEdit

Use SIP client to connect to the audio conference at:
PIN 987654

No SIP account or username/password is really necessary!

Keys that work during the conference:

  • 0 - mute/unmute
  • * - deaf mute
  • 3 - increase talk volume
  • 2 - set talk volume to zero
  • 1 - decrease talk volume
  • 6 - increase listening volume
  • 5 - set listening volume to zero
  • 4 - decrease listening volume
  • # - hang up

Sometimes you have to dial SIP addresses by typing sip: before, for example

It is advisable to use a wideband client like Blink (Mac, Windows, Unix) or w:CSipSimple for Android. Your client is wideband ("high definition") if it supports w:G.722 codec.

Please learn how to mute/unmute your phone and please be muted most of the time (unless you are speaking).

Please connect to the conference before start and test your connection. It is possible that you can connect but you cannot hear anything (or cannot be heard) because of your network settings (mostly you are behind w:NAT and you are not using any of the firewall traversal methods w:STUN, ICE.

  • You can call to check if your audio works (it's an echo service)
  • You can test your connection by dialing It will tell you if you are connecting in wideband or narrowband.

If there is nobody on the conference, you should hear a nice Spanish music.


IRC used as fallback in case something does not work and for the initial setup.

We are on:

Channel #git-gerrit


Test Gerrit instance

Checkout MediaWiki Core (not necessary on

git clone
git clone ssh://

First steps on t.saper.infoEdit

A cloned copy of MediaWiki Core is already provided on your account to save time.

T #1: Review your ~/.gitconfigEdit

Your account comes with preconfigured FREE email address. is the leading edge premium enterprise email provider so we outsource to them.

Example file:

   name = Comrade Quebec
   email =

Feel free to user yours but it has to be configured consequently here and in Gerrit.

T #3: Get your public SSH key from ~/.ssh/id_rsa.pubEdit

It should look like this:

ssh-rsa AAAAB3NzaC1yc2EAAAADAQABAAAAYQDKNgESmISrEDXDQY4pl37N7QxU1XsBmBq76cpGlviArH0gXk3GpPYbCfTAY7N65XDkSzqqCrCkVp/s33qhSI+H6x4ANaV50HwG1hXgs+cpN71SY+hySpKXBEcIkyrkgTc= quebec

Register in GerritEdit

Gerrit #1: Register to Gerrit using OpenID URL providedEdit

OpenID URL is provided for your account

  1. Use Comrade username as the Full name (just for fun).
  2. Click on Register New Email... and provide
  3. Provide your username on the registration screen (for example alfa).
  4. Add your public SSH key to Gerrit (using the key from step T #3)

Gerrit #2: Logon to and confirm email addresEdit

Be careful to copy a whole URL because their web interface is so-so.

T #4: Test your SSH connectionEdit

From shell account do:

ssh l

It should respond with

  ****    Welcome to Gerrit Code Review    ****

  Hi Comrade Quebec, you have successfully connected over SSH.

  Unfortunately, interactive shells are disabled.
  To clone a hosted Git repository, use:

  git clone ssh://

  Connection to closed.

If you get this, you are almost there.

Setting up access to MediaWiki repository on GerritEdit

T #5: Get the hookEdit

 cd mediawiki-core
 scp l:hooks/commit-msg .ssh/commit-msg

T #6: Add another remote to Git repositoryEdit

 git remote add review ssh://username@l/mediawiki-core.git
 git remote update

You should be fully setup now.

SSH agent and keysEdit

Please check if your SSH agent (ssh-agent, Pageant on Windows) is running and your private keys are loaded. Please check how to configure your client to allow agent forwarding to host

For OpenSSH this can be done by updating ~/.ssh/config:

ForwardAgent yes

or it can be enabled one time only when using the commandline:

ssh -A

SSH and OpenIDEdit

Below please find the list of usernames for connecting via SSH.

Training host instance:

User the provided OpenID URL to login into the training Gerrit instance at

alfa Zeljko.filipin(WMF)
charlie Chris
echo (Edokter)
golf (Stefan)
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