This page lists various tasks that need doing at If you want to get involved, but don't know where to start, then look down this list and see if anything takes your fancy.

On-going tasksEdit

These are the tasks that will never be 'complete', such as on-going maintenance work or clean-up, or which are part of on-going projects that will take a significant period of time to complete.

For administratorsEdit

The following tasks can only be carried out by admins.

  • Candidates for deletion
    This category should normally be empty. Any articles in this category are deletion requests and should be checked out. If the criteria have been met then the article should ultimately be deleted, but only once a suitable time has passed.
  • Candidates for speedy deletion
    This category should normally be empty. Any articles in this category are (supposedly) non-contentious deletion requests and in most cases should be deleted. Check Project:Deletion for more info.
  • Transferral of content from Meta
    There is no decent written documentation about how to do this, so please speak to an existing admin before doing this. Once you understand how it works then please go ahead and import the pages.
    IMPORTANT: Pages should only be imported by administrators using the proper transwiki process!

For any userEdit

The following tasks can be carried out by all users.

  • Check recent uploads
    All uploads should be tagged with an appropriate license, or marked for deletion (as appropriate). If you are unsure about which license should be applied, use the tag {{unknown}} and ask the uploader to fill in the correct details via their talk page.
  • Fix double redirects
    Double redirects are when one page redirects to another which is itself a redirect. This should be fixed by modifying the original page to redirect to the final destination.
  • Add categories to any uncategorised pages, images and categories
    You will need to familiarise yourself with our categorisation scheme first. Note that the two special categories, Category:Top level and Category:Languages should not be categorised.
  • Recent changes patrol
    Check through the list of recent changes (particularly new pages and edits from anonymous users) to catch vandalism/spam. If existing pages are vandalised then the changes should be reverted. If new junk pages are created, they should be marked for speedy deletion.
  • Tidy up recently imported pages from Meta
    The pages in the category linked to here have all been imported from Meta, but have not yet been tidied up to conform to the layout. In addition, information in these articles needs reviewing as a lot of it may be inaccurate or out of date. Please do not remove pages from this category until clean-up is finished.
  • Create missing category pages
    Check the list of missing categories, and check whether the articles in the category are in the right place. If not, update the category links in the article(s) in question. If they are, then add a category page, ensuring that you categorise it so it shows up in the right place in the tree. For non-English categories, check that the English version exists, and then copy the language template/categorisation from one of the non-English versions changing language codes where appropriate. If an English version of the category does not exist, then the articles are mis-categorised.
  • Translate Pages into other Languages
  • Import translations to the new Translate system
  • Answer support requests.

Task requestsEdit

If there are any general tasks that need doing but which you either don't have the time, skill or user-rights to perform then please list your request under the appropriate section here, and sign it with your name and date. For the time being, do not remove completed tasks, but strike them out using <s></s>.

  Note: Ask bureaucratic actions at Project:Requests.

For administratorsEdit


For any userEdit