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Generate TOC from one page on another page

  • MediaWiki 1.13.2
  • PHP 5.2.10-pl0-gentoo (apache2handler)
  • MySQL 5.0.70-log

In short, I've got a page that includes a link to a target page. I'd like to include the TOC of the target page underneath the link to the target page so it acts like a jump table into the page. Is there an automatic way to do this, or am I stuck making and updating links manually? Thanks.

Linking pages by words

Hi, is there a plugin that automatically links key words to other Wiki pages? At the moment I am manually creating links but I'm sure there must be another way?

Any help would be much appreciated!

What I've done with our wiki is I built templates for specific key words. e.g. we do a lot of engineering, so for design & development I write {{design & development}} then modify the template to point to the appropriate procedures page. It's not quite automated, but better than manually adding a link. Plus, if the link ever changes, you only have to change the template once and the entire site reflects the new link.

How to add certain structured info to a list or table by an inputbox or submit button

MediaWiki 1.14.0 PHP 5.2.9 (apache2handler) MySQL 5.1.33-community URL local

I would like to make a list on a wikipage. This list must contain "name", "date" and "in" or "out" fields wich can be filled in by an inputbox. The goal is someting like a log for our users, so we can have an overview of who is taking hardware on the road.

Can this be done in wiki (php)? And how?

Thanks in advance.

How to add product feeds from affiliates?

MediaWiki 1.15.0 PHP 5.2.9 MySQL 5.1.33 URL local

i would like to include product feeds from affiliate networks on my website Klusopedia . Can this be implemented and how? My affiliate network offers xml and csv feeds.


Fatal Error...

I got this on a free webserver (so I don't have an access to it), after trying to save the page or to log in:

Fatal error: session_start() [<a href='function.session-start'>function.session-start</a>]:
Failed to initialize storage module: files (path: ) in /mnt/md1/public/d/o/dob/includes/GlobalFunctions.php on line 2453

What should I do now? :-D


you will want to post what version of mediawiki you have. If you do not know, go to http://<your wiki url>/Special:Version. Without it, finding out what function is on line 2453 will be a guess.

I have got the same issue with mediawiki1.8.1, following and upgrade, was there a fix for this?

character before DOCTYPE "<<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC .."

  • MediaWiki version: 1.13.2
  • PHP version: 5.1.6 (apache2handler)
  • MySQL version: 5.0.45
  • URL: local

I got a character above the logo "<" and I don't know what is generating it
and it is always there when I use the rich editor "disabling the rich editor doesn't help"
also with every preview it appends one more character as follow
one more thing
viewing page source I find that character before <!DOCTYPE..
<<!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC .....

looks like something is appending that character "<" to the (output stream) How to debug such behavior?

FireFox error console shows

</* generated javascript */

what could be generating that character "<"?

sounds like HTML vs XHTML but how it could be fixed?

In MediaWiki what could be parsing anything before actually parsing any page, this character '<' is appended before any page, in the editor, just everywhere on the top of the page before the wiki actually parsing the page content

embed copies of authoritative versions of pages from other mediawiki instances, sharing one page history between mediawikis

  • MediaWiki version: 1.13.3
  • PHP version:
  • MySQL version:
  • URL:

There appear to be many ways of including content from one page to another, including templates and the "embed page" capability (which seems restricted to Special pages). The terms "transwiki", "inclusion" and "interwiki" are used in a confusing way making it difficult or impossible to answer some simple questions:

  1. How, exactly and with examples, does one specify that the master or authoritative version of a page is at some other mediawiki, providing both a link to the editable version of that page and a visible & protected copy of it as if it were a page within one's own wiki (identical to the features of wikinfo?
  2. How, exactly and with examples, does one simply include an entire non-Special non-template page from the same wiki? Is it possible to include from another wiki that is hosted on the same MySQL installation?
  3. How, exactly and with examples, would one implement two-way transclusion so that the page could be edited in either one of two wikis, and the edits would be made reliably on the other to unify the page histories?
  4. Are there any good examples of public mediawikis sharing content in any of these ways with private ones?
  5. What other approaches, such as "auto-import of Wiki articles via XML using PHP's Expat Library" are used in Mediawiki extensions, and what are the advantages/disadvantages of doing this inclusion using XML rather than mediawiki's internal facilities?

Concurrent users and Add ons to Wiki

Do you know if there are any Microsoft word add ons that can be used with Wiki? Is there a way to lock a document so that no 2 users are updating the same file?


  • MediaWiki version: 1.14.0
  • PHP version: 5.2.8
  • MySQL version: 5.0

Remarque : Les versions de PHP et MySql sont celles fournies par Xampp

  • URL:

Comment puis-je afficher la valeur d'une variable contenue dans LocalSettings.php ?

How may I post(show) the value of a variable like $wgStylePath?

Many thanks

How to combine regular expression so that you get the number of contributors per article ? (Extension:contributors)

I would like to use a reg ex to get from: User1,user2,user3,user4,user5 ----> the number of users (here is 5).

So that i could use : {{contributors/Article}} in a Reg Ex to get the number of contributors in Article.

Then, how to get an average on every articles or articles from a special cat ? Thx!

What have I do?

I had to start new MediaWiki 1.15.0rc1 Installation but received:

Don't forget security updates! Keep an eye on the low-traffic release announcements mailing list.
Checking environment...

Please include all of the lines below when reporting installation problems.

  • PHP 5.2.6 installed
  • Found database drivers for: MySQL SQLite
  • PHP server API is apache2handler; ok, using pretty URLs (index.php/Page_Title)
  • Have XML / Latin1-UTF-8 conversion support.
  • Session save path (/var/lib/php/session) appears to be valid.
  • PHP's memory_limit is 32M.
  • Couldn't find Turck MMCache, eAccelerator, APC or XCache; cannot use these for object caching.
  • Found GNU diff3: /usr/bin/diff3.
  • Found GD graphics library built-in, image thumbnailing will be enabled if you enable uploads.
  • Installation directory: /usr/local/www/
  • Script URI path: Installing MediaWiki with php file extensions
  • Environment checked. You can install MediaWiki.

Fatal error: Call to undefined function taint() in /usr/local/www/ on line 1905

Does MediaWiki have access counter function?

I want to know that how many times is every page accessed. Can every page show its access times as the home page(main page)do? For example, japanese edition home page show "このページは 1 回アクセスされました。"(English: This page is accessed 1 times.)

If MediaWiki has this function, how do I configure it? If not, do I need to modify MediaWiki's source? How?

  • Wiki Environment:
  • MediaWiki 1.14.0
  • PHP 5.2.9 (apache2handler)
  • MySQL 5.1.33

Thanks & Best Regards ZhuZengyang

Headings in included articles

  • MediaWiki version: 1.15.1
  • PHP version: 5.2.0-8+etch16 (apache2handler)
  • MySQL version: 5.0.32-Debian_7etch11-log
  • URL:

There is a logical need to decrease heading levels (position when embedded + 1) of included articles in Wikiskripta. Does it exist any extension sorting the problem out? Maybe it should be reported like a bug, surely also in other Wiki-projects would be logical and useful to decrease the indluded heading levels.

Article A
Text of the article
== Heading ==

Text under the heading.
Article B
Text of the article.
== Heading ==

Text under the heading.
Combined article
This is a new combined article.
== Heading of the combined article ==

{{:Article A}}
=== Subheading of the combined article ===
{{:Article B}}
Present interpretation of the combined article
This is a new combined article.
== Heading of the combined article ==

Text of the article
== Heading ==

Text under the heading.
=== Subheading of the combined article ===
Text of the article
== want to redirect a different page when user is not logged in ==

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* MediaWiki version: 
* PHP version: 
* MySQL version: 
* URL: 
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When user is not logged in, then it redirect to the same index.php page, but I want to redirect to a different page such as login.php which is a copy of index.php file. Please let me know how to configure the redirection (using Apache). Thanks.

== Help with two errors ==

<!-- IMPORTANT: Fill out the "Subject/headline" box above. Then go to your wiki's [[Special:Version]] page and note your software version info below. -->
* MediaWiki version: 1.15.1
* PHP version: 
* MySQL version: 
* URL:
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Hi, I've two errors on my mediawiki website

* The first mistake is about the Latex. Why it doesn't work on my site? It seems it doesn't write something...
* Se second error is in the homepage. I cannot access on the special page and everytime I receive this sentence: 
"Fatal error: Call to a member function isListed() on a non-object in /web/htdocs/ on line 210"

What I have to do? Please help me... Sorry for disturb,

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Gaetano Massari
== Image display to a network shared file ==

Would like to display a image via a network shared file.
Then if you click on the image it will open the image in a new window.
is there something like this?

MediaWiki  	1.15.9
PHP 	        5.2
Mysql 	        5.2

Thanks in advance..

Small icons above line when "Sitenotice" is being used

as you will see on the link provided above, there is a "permently protected" icon what is used on wikipedia.

the icon appears in line with the title when sitenotice is not being used

but when it is, it stays in the same place, causing the error on the page.

when site notice is being used on wikipedia, the icon stays in line

i would like to know how to make that work for my wiki

i do not want to use the {{{demospace}}} paramater on my wiki because i want to use my own custom padlock icons.

many thanks

Browsing mediaWiki site using the server name over the intranet

MediaWiki 1.15.3 PHP 5.3.0 (apache2handler) MySQL 5.1.36-community-log URL: Not Public

I have access to the site using but I want to be able to access the site over the intranet, with the server name http://servername:8080/mediawiki

Can someone please direct me to what I have to change to enable this? I am not very familiar with Apache, i appreciate your help.

keep your computer on all the time and set up an account on dyndns

Suggestion on name for internal page

Just silly question. At my company we have wikimedia installation and it works great. We decided to put links to forms and other compnay information, but only for internal use (we are medical company not internet/web commerce company). What is good term to call our new internal page? Wiki is too limited. This is more than only wiki. Someone suggest Internal Company Portal (after your "community portal" on main page). Do you have suggestion? What is most common?

Intermitent bug during data entry using Semantic Forms

  • MediaWiki version: 1.13.3
  • PHP version: 5.2.10-2ubuntu6.4 (apache2handler)
  • MySQL version: 5.1.37-1ubuntu5.1
  • URL: Internal Intranet -> no external access.

We are experiencing a intermitted bug during data entry using Semantic Forms using IE. The bug seems limited mainly to users who have logged in for the first time. Further this issue appears to only affect users of IE.

User creates account and log-in. User creates a new page using a form, enters data for all fields, hits the "Save Page" button and all the data is lost. If they re-enter the data, then saves, the data is retained.

No error messages are displayed. Any assistance welcome.

Thank you, Adam.

Security Settings for User Pages and Talk Pages

How can I add security settings to my user page or talk page? I want only certain users to have access to my page and block all others.

Short URL

I can not make Short URL by this Manual: Short URL. ???? in LocalSettings.php: $wgScriptPath = ""; but it mast be: $wgScriptPath = "/w"; # Path to the actual files. This should already be there (in Manual) What can i do? Where is httpd.conf?????

http.conf is an apache file that can not be edited on a shared web host... What hoster do you use? GoDaddy? Hosting Insiders?