May 2013Edit

Date Type Event Contact
May 1   Application deadline for Outreach Program for Women Quim Gil
May 2   WMF Metrics and Activities meeting Erik Möller
May 3   Application deadline for Google Summer of Code Quim Gil
May 3   QA: Fresh bugs triageMediaWiki installer bugday at 15:00UTC AKlapper
May 9   Meetup: placeholder (San Francisco, CA, USA) Quim Gil
May 16   Tech Talk placeholder Quim Gil
May 19   Lua on Wikimedia (London, UK) Justin Cormack
May 24–May 26   Amsterdam Hackathon 2013 (Amsterdam, Netherlands)
May 29   QA: Language Engineering monthly bug triage at 17:00UTC. Bug List Runa Bhattacharjee