Phabricator/Using Conpherence

Conpherence is a Phabricator application that enables conversations between two or more users, similar to instant messaging and private chat rooms. Rooms can be private between invited users, or public and open to anyone with a Phabricator account to comment.

To create a new conpherence, click the "+" icon in the header and select "Conpherence thread". Select the users you want to chat with, introduce the text (where you can use the Phabricator syntax) and you are good to go.

When someone adds you to a Conpherence thread or replies in a thread you are subscribed, you will receive a notification (via web or email, depending on your Conpherence preferences). Web notifications activate an own dialog icon next to the Phabricator logo, so they don't get mixed with the regular Phabricator web notifications.

Once a Conpherence thread is open, users can rename it, can add more users, and can leave the thread themselves. Threads are listed in your main Conpherence page.

Appropriate uses of ConpherenceEdit

Conpherence is for private communication, and therefore it is useful for

  • Reaching out to a user instead of sending a private e-mail.
  • Create a cozy space for casual communication i.e. with newcomers in the context of outreach programs.
  • ... And in general any type of personal communication not expecting project decisions, official replies, or any reply at all.

Conpherence is NOT a substitute of public community channels like IRC, mailing-lists, Phabricator tasks... Any bug reports or support requests sent through this channel can and probably will be completely ignored.

Conpherence column in PhabricatorEdit

Phabricator has an optional persistent column that can be shown or hidden in the window by clicking the "\" key. Users may accidentally open this pane (by pressing the "\" key on their keyboard), and it can only be hidden again (or shown, if desired) via the keyboard (again, by pressing the "\" key).