Parsoid/Parser Unification/Known Issues

This page lists known issues and missing functionality that a typical reader or editor will notice when using the ParserMigration extension to use the Parsoid wikitext parser when viewing articles and talk pages. For a more technical overview of the differences between Parsoid-generated HTML and HTML generated by the legacy parser, see Known differences with Core Parser output.

How to verify and report an issue not listed below


Before reporting an issue,

  • Click the "Use legacy parser" link in the user tools sidebar and verify that your issue is indeed Parsoid-related.
  • Purge the cache to regenerate Parsoid HTML that may have been from an older version and check if the issue persists.

If you do not see your issue in the list below, please report it on Phabricator or on this discussion page.

Known issues


The following issues are known and expected to be fixed in the weekly version of MediaWiki; check the release schedule and the current version running on your wiki for timing:

  • None at this time

The following additional issues are known:

  • T278481 - Various issues with Proofread Page on wikisource wikis
  • T358242 - Reference previews gadgets on some wikis have slightly different behavior
  • T348722 - Phab page indicator template broken on some wikis
  • T358950 - Local interlanguage links don’t work
  • T358452 - Table of contents highlighting doesn't follow scroll position
  • T356718 - Special page transclusions nested in templates